Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Scarlet Read-Along: Quote or teaser of the week (3)

This is the week where I really started to love Scarlet's relationship with Robin, so I want to select some quotes that show why:

I knew my heart weren't never too sure 'bout many things, but if I could, I wanted to be sure for Rob. That way when his heart stumbled, I could be sure for the both of us. (p. 113)

"It's not that I see through you," he told me. "It's that I see you. You don't want anyone to see you, but I do." (p. 114)

My fingers crushed tight into his skin, clawing him like if I could break the skin we'd be connected by blood, and I could comfort him and he could see into me without me having to speak out loud. (p. 130)

A hiccup jumped from my throat, and Rob twisted me somehow so I were tucked against his big chest, restrained like a dog. He held tight, painful tight, my breath rushing out over my teeth, and I wondered if it were me holding him or him holding me. (p. 131)

I love that there's tenderness, pain and hope in their every encounter and I'm really rooting for them both to find some inner peace and happiness, either together or apart.


  1. AHHH!!!! Beautiful. I loved all these parts too. :)

  2. *sigh* These are all fantastic quotes. There's just something about Scarlet and Robin together...they need each other to heal, I think. I love the slow progression of their relationship, and I'm so curious to find out what happens.

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