Monday, 4 April 2011

My First Post and Other Disasters

Lord help me, I've done it. I've started a blog. The story of how this came to be is as follows:

So, I'm an avid reader and I've gotten into book blogs recently - YA book blogs, specifically. But there are plenty out there, so I didn't think I needed to add to them.

Then I started getting extremely envious of all the shiny, pretty books these bloggers always had. And I wanted books, goddammit. I WANTED ALL THE BOOKS! So I thought setting up a blog would help me get books - I'm being honest here. I want books. Because I love books.

However, pretty much every blogger says that starting a blog in order to get free books is The Wackness. And I worked out that between my membership to every library borough in London and my own compulsive book buying habits, my TBR is currently at 50+. I'm not exactly short of books. Trying to get more books is madness. So I changed my mind again to 'no blog'.

What finally convinced me to start one, was that last night I started talking to myself in my bathroom mirror. Talking to myself about books. TALKING TO MYSELF, as in the 1st sign of madness. I was just that desperate to gab about the books I just read, the books I'm currently reading and the books I want to read in the future.

I remember when I was 10/11 and my best friend and I used to talk together about the books we read all the time. Being children, we had the exact same amount of time to devote to reading (i.e. lots), we'd swap books back and forth and we would even hang out and read side-by-side. This never happens anymore - the friends I have either don't like reading as much as I do, or have less time to read or don't read the same things. But I want to talk to someone about the books I'm reading and so, the internet is going to be my surrogate best friend. As it is for so many.

So I'm going to have one of those blogs, that submit reviews and participate in memes and promote good books. I hope it's going to be fun. I hope that it will get me doing something and get invested in something that I enjoy. I really hope it's not going to become another excuse to procrastinate. I really, really hope it doesn't become another thing I procrastinate about, rather than do and add to my feelings of guilt and utter helplessness.

And on that cheery note, WELCOME TO MY BOOK BLOG.

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