Monday, 4 April 2011

My Next 5 Books

I frequently like to make lists of my upcoming books in reading order. This list is subject to even more frequent changes of my mind.

The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E Pearson

I heard about this one from other bloggers and picked it up from Wandsworth Town Library. The copy I have looks brand-new and never read and I love when that happens with library books. "I am the first, may all others follow after me".

Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols

First book I got from ReadItSwapIt, the UK book-swapping site. Jennifer Echols is a YA author who a lot of other reviewers really love, so I must try her. Her publisher is MTV Books and I've read another of their authors, Jenny O'Connell (don't think you have to be called Jennifer to be published there!) and enjoyed her books, so I'm trusting the publishing house here.

Petals on the Wind by Virginia Andrews

Though I indulged in all manner of cheesy reads in my youth, for some reason Ms Andrews eluded me. But I read Flowers in the Attic this year and she eludes me no more. Yes, I have the bug, the addiction and it will not leave me until the entire Dollanganger saga is read!

The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg

Bought this off Amazon; I've heard many good things from other reviewers.

Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran

I actually heard of this book when I saw a review for Lily of the Nile by Stephanie Dray and I thought "A historical novel about Mark Antony and Cleopatra's children? What a great idea!" Then I discovered that Dray's book was not the first about this, that Michelle Moran had also done a retelling and, while I will definitely read Dray's book, I thought I should read Moran's first.

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