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Top Ten Tuesday: Freebie

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I wanted to do a list of my Top Ten Minor/Supporting Characters Ever, but I'm pretty tired after a long weekend trip and the thought of whittling the hundreds of supporting characters I've loved over the years into just ten, makes my brain hurt a little. So I've narrowed it down to my favourite supporting characters in books that have been published this year. These are the guys and gals who aren't the leads, but definitely made the books better.

Top Ten Minor and Supporting Characters of 2012 YA

10. Kanin from The Immortal Rules
As a tall, dark, mysterious vampire, Kanin is something of a cliché. But he is also a total boss, who teaches our heroine, Allie, how to live as a vamp. Extra points for teaching her how to wield a katana.

9. Chris from The Book of Blood and Shadow
The reader learns that Chris will die on the first page and as you read on, you realise it's a real shame, because he is the most likeable of all the characters. A loyal friend, a romantic boyfriend, sweet and funny - Chris was a real gem.

8. Hazel's mother from The Fault in Our Stars
I  can't even imagine the hell this woman goes through every day, knowing her only child could die at any time. But she bears it all with humour, patience and grace. I love that Hazel's mother allows her daughter the freedom to fall in love with a certain Mr Augustus Waters and her line: "I won't be a mom anymore" is one of many from this tear-jerker that broke my heart.

7. Len from When You Were Mine
In real life, girls, you do not want a Romeo, you want a Len. Len is smart enough to see through your façade and know how you're feeling underneath. Len is snarky enough to make you laugh at yourself and realise your problems aren't so big after all. Len is talented enough to inspire you, so you push yourself to become better. And Len's kisses are sweeter because of all that.

6. Starling from Wanderlove
Doesn't everyone want to meet a Starling? That girl who will take charge of your life and make it so much cooler? Our heroine, Bria, is inept at being a backpacker until Starling, the poster girl for such things, takes Bria under her wing and puts her together with everything she needs for the trip of a lifetime: the clothes, the know-how and the boy.

5. The Beast of Waroch from Grave Mercy
Honestly, Grave Mercy is chock-full of awesome supporting characters, so it was an extremely tough task for me to pick favourites. But none is more larger-than-life than the Beast; a man with a terrifying face but a totally kind heart. I have my finger's crossed that he will play a larger role (maybe even a love interest role?) in the sequel.

4. Roar from Under the Never Sky
Every story needs a bit of light relief and Roar provides it in Under the Never Sky. Travelling with main characters Perry and Aria, he's a bit of a third wheel to their budding romance, so he's in an excellent position to observe and say out loud the things that nobody else will. Also, Roar has a tragic backstory of his own and even only hearing about his feelings for Perry's sister, Liv, made me root for him, so I can't wait to see them together in the next book.

3. Diego from The Queen's Lady
Servant to the Lacey family, Diego gives all the Lacey boys a run for their money in looks, smarts and a way with women. Despite some slip-ups - where he insists on offering a herd of cows as payment for his true love, Milly - Diego is a romantic lover and it is so much fun to read about him sweeping Milly off her feet.

2. Sybella from Grave Mercy
Of course I couldn't limit myself to just one character from Grave Mercy. Every assassin nun deserves a spot, but none more so than Sybella, whose madness is as strong as her skill. You cannot not love a girl whose first wish after coming to her senses, is for a poison that will make a man's member shrivel and drop off.

1. Death from Bitterblue
Ah, Death (it rhymes with 'teeth'). Death has the Grace that every book-lover would kill for - he's Graced to read with super-speed and remember perfectly everything he has read. Bitterblue's librarian, he is of a prickly disposition and one of the only characters who will roll his eyes and talk back to the Queen. But inside he is as loyal as they come, honest to a fault and tirelessly works with Bitterblue to preserve the history of her queendom. Oh, and he loves his cat.


  1. Great list! Although I haven't read all of these books yet, I agree with 8 and 4.

    Liza’s Top Ten

  2. I love this idea for a list! Sometimes minor characters make the book. In Wrinkle in Time, for example, I love Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Which, yet they are really play supporting roles.

    Here's my
    Top Ten Books on Happiness.
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  3. Wow! What a great idea for a top ten. I love your list. I haven't read nearly enough of the books you listed, but I will hopefully read them soon. :)

    I also loved Starling. She was such a well-developed minor character.

    Here's mine

    ~Danica Page
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  4. Roar! Amazing supporting character! I can't wait for his novella!

  5. Great topic! I haven't seen this one around!(: I love Kanin, Death, and Hazel's mother although Roar is by far my favorite character from your list! :D

    Ivy Book Bindings

  6. I really loved Roar. He was one of my favorite things about Under the Never Sky! And totally agree on Chris. Even though he died, he was always there lurking and made a big impression on me.

    Great list!

    My Top Ten

  7. Kanin <3 Don't know why, but he sounded soooo attractive :')


  8. I love your list! I haven't read any of these books, but quite a few are on my wishlist like Immortal Rules and Bitterblue. Thanks for sharing!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  9. I'm in the middle of Under the Never Sky and I love Roar! That's definitely a great choice :)

  10. Aah.. I haven't read *ANY* of the books you've mentioned, but I think often when there are supporting characters that are so great that readers fall in love with them, the books have to be good. :D

    Patricia // My Post

  11. Great list! I haven't read all of these books, but I definitely agree with #10! Kanin was great and I can't wait to see what happens next with him.

    Top Ten: Favorite Declarations of Love in YA

  12. Chris was my favorite character from The Book of Blood and Shadow. So naturally, I spent most of the book mourning him - when I wasn't trying to figure out the mystery and who killed him. And I loved the way he was with Nora so much. They're a ship that never happen, but Nora and Chris just stole my heart.

    Hazel's mother was phenomenal. All through TFIOS, her appearances made me smile and I just love how supportive she was of Hazel.

    I haven't read the other books, though Grave Mercy and Bitterblue are on my to-read list!

    Aimee// My list is Top Ten Ships That Broke My Heart (just a little)


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