Saturday, 25 June 2011

Book Blogger Hop #3

I'm taking part in the Book Blogger Hop, hosted by Crazy for Books. Although, I'm running late this week!

Book Blogger Hop 

 "When did you realise reading was your passion and a truly important part of your life?"

This is a weird question for me because my memories of becoming a book-addict aren't actually happy ones! I got into lots of trouble at school as a kid because I would rather read a book of my choice than do the assigned school-work and would prefer to sit indoors reading, rather than play outside with the other children. My parents and teachers were always torn on whether my reading so much was a good thing or a bad thing. So I knew reading was my passion from a young age because I didn't want to stop for anything. I even used to read as I walked - very impractical and drove my mother mad!


  1. I can't pinpoint a single moment...reading is a blessing, but it's always been there for me. I can't imagine my life without it :)

  2. Thanks for visiting!
    I was the same way, for the most part, but I loved learning too so I would put the book away during class. :) I used to read while walking too! Surprisingly, I never tripped.
    Have a nice Sunday!


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