Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: "Awww" Moments

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten "Awww" Moments in Books
(those cute lines, charming actions, kisses or any other sentimental moment that made you say "AWWW!")

10. Marcus Flutie tells Jessica she's "Sloppy firsts" in Sloppy Firsts
I confess: Marcus Flutie makes me weak in the knees. He always knows what to say to make a girl melt and when he tells Jessica this, he's both flirting and showing how much he knows her. It's an irresistible combination of sexy and sweet.

9. Dori Dilson sticks by Stargirl in Stargirl
Friendship counts for a lot with me. Now, Stargirl herself is charm personified, but she has lots of big moments that show how lovely she is. The way that Dori is just quietly and firmly by Stargirl's side through thick and thin, whether she's worshipped or vilified (*cough* unlike *cough* Leo *cough*), really touched me.

8. Peter takes Mrs Darling's last kiss in Peter Pan
Mrs Darling's mouth had one kiss on it that nobody could ever get. Mr Darling eventually gave up trying, but Peter Pan takes it quite easily and we sigh dreamily when it happens, because no girl can help loving Peter Pan.

7. Yorick writes a list of book recommendations for Agent 355 in Y: The Last Man
OK, this doesn't sound like anything much out of context but trust me, it's definitely an 'awww' moment. 355's whole life has been devoted to being an agent and she's never read books or watched movies. As they travel together attempting to save the world, her relationship with Yorick grows and the book list is one of the signs that show how much he thinks of her. And come on, I'm a bookaholic; of course I'm gonna think a list of books is way more romantic than flowers or chocolates.

6. Chase and Gideon sign their "I love you"s in Invincible Summer
This was the sweetest relationship in the novel. Every time Gideon signs that he loves his brother, Chase signs that he loves him the same and it was adorable every time.
5. Damian sees the spirit of his mother and she tells him he is her miracle in Millions
If you haven't read this brilliant children's novel by Frank Cottrell Boyce then I absolutely recommend it. Damian's mother has died and he has become obsessed with religion and Catholic saints. He has visions where he can see dead saints and he always asks if they know of a saint by his mother's name. Finally, he sees his mother - she has become a saint and when Damian asks what miracle she performed to become one...well, she made me cry.

4. Sam tells Miss Katherine Barlow "I can fix that" in Holes
Hard to believe that one of the sweetest, saddest love stories ever told takes up less than 10 pages. Both the author, Louis Sachar, and his character Sam, show how much feeling can be conveyed in a few words, as Sam offers to fix Miss Katherine's leaky roof, stuck windows, wobbly desk and finally, her breaking heart with his kiss.

3. Harry sees his patronus for the first time and realises it is his father in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Let's be honest, I could have chosen half a dozen moments from the Harry Potter series (The Mirror of Erised, Snape and Lily, anytime Ron defended Hermoine) but I decided to go with this one. This book was the first one in which Harry really learned anything about who his father was as a person and began to feel close to him. And he almost got to touch Prongs the patronus, before it faded away.

2. Liesel marches beside Max in The Book Thief
I'm sure no reader had a dry eye when little Liesel let nothing - not being manhandled by the Nazis, not the censure of her neighborhood, not her own fear - stop her from walking alongside and offering strength and support to her friend Max, as he was marched to his death.

1. The last "Real or not real?" exchange in Mockingjay
Part of the effect of this moment comes from all the heart-wrenching, gutting ones that have occurred before it. As a reader, my heart was broken along with the characters and I pretty much despaired of any kind of happiness, well, happening and then Katniss said that magic word. The sweetness is that much more sweet because it contrasts with all the bitterness.


  1. Great list, I really like the Harry Potter moment you picked and the Book Thief one.

  2. There are so many great ones on this list! My heartstrings are playing right this second. I especially agree with the Mockingjay, Book Thief, Holes and Stargirl moments. You have great taste in books!

  3. I had a Marcus/Jessica moment on my list too! http://thoughtsatoneinthemorning.blogspot.com/2011/06/top-ten-tuesday-1.html

  4. I loved that moment you mentioned from The Book Thief - I loved what Max and Liesel had :)
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is one of my favourites from the series - it is the one when a lot of things are actually revealed for the first time!! And it isn't just Voldermort vs. Harry all over again!

  5. Oh, Harry's Patronus moment...it gives me chills. Love it. Also, I love that moment with Peter Pan - perfection! Awesome list :)

  6. These are all fantastic moments... I think my favorite is the "I can fix that" one from Holes.

  7. Good choices. Some I love already, like Holes, Harry Potter, and Mockingjay. The others I am now really curious about.


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